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The Best Social Media Posts From FC Cincy’s Win

By: Alex Marcheschi

I went in to last night’s FC Cincinnati game knowing three things about our city’s new soccer team: Our best player’s name is Djiby and he wasn’t going to be playing, people with beards and tats LOVE FC Cincy and the colors are orange and blue. After last night’s game, I now know that FC Cincy is the greatest thing to happen to Cincinnati since Todd Frazier won the Home Run Derby. That game was ROWDY. Cincinnati social media blew up after the win, here are some of the best posts:

The best video of the night comes from a fellow OU grad, Charlie Hatch. He was on the field for the game winning save and got a great video:

The Pride had a nice little Lebron spoof for Mitch Hildebrandt, FC Cincy’s goalie who played out of his mind last night:

Kareem Elgazzar of the Enquirer captured this epic shot of Jimmy McLaughlin and a nice view of The Nip all packed in:

Andrew Wiedeman, a player for FC, made this spoof about shutting out The Chicago Fire after the game:

Matt Allaire added the Titanic music to the win:

The FC account put all of Hildebrandt’s PK saves into one video:

This fan provided a cool perspective:

Dugan wondered what would have happened if Hill didn’t fumble, because if we all lost our minds about our new soccer team, what would we have done if our beloved Bungals actually won a big game?

Elise Jesse gave us a pic of some Bengals players at the game:

Two world famous soccer personalities weighed in, and so did Gio Bernard of the Bengals, who is a big soccer fan:

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