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What To Expect From The Reds, And The Rest of The MLB, At The Trade Deadline

By: Tyler Dugan

We are about two weeks from the MLB trade deadline, and here is what we can expect:

The Cubs made a major splash already. They got starting pitcher Jose Quintana from the White Sox, which was much needed for the Cubs. They gave up their top two prospects to get him. Quintana already starred for the Cubbies in his first start with them, going seven innings while giving up three hits and no runs and recording 12 K’s vs the O’s.


The Nats made a trade as well, they got Ryan Madson, and Sean Doolittle from the A’s for Blake Tiernan, and two of the Nats’ top 10 prospects. This will help the Nats, who have an absolutely abysmal bullpen, maybe the worst bullpen in the game.

What does all this mean for the Reds? Despite being last in the division, the Reds actually have some pretty solid pieces to offer. If I’m Dick Williams, I’m listening to every single offer. No one is off limits. No one. The biggest names we will hear about will be Cozart, Iglesias, Duvall and Scheble. Again, I’d listen to every single one of those offers.


Some people want the Reds to sign Cozart, I’m off that train. I’m just not paying a 31-year-old shortstop for 3-4 years at $70 million. Just not happening, and that is what Cozart is going to want, and will get in free agency. I’m finding a place for Zack, whether it’s Washington, Seattle, New York, Kansas City or anyone else. Get yourself some more pitching prospects for him.

I’m also shipping Iglesias, but only for a very high price. The Cubs showed they are willing to give up a lot. The Nationals gave up their sixth and tenth prospects. If I’m Dick Williams, I’m calling Washington every day. I’m asking for Victor Robles (their #1 prospect, and top 10 prospect in all of baseball) and another top 10 prospect for Iglesias.


He has a great contract, and the Nats could control him for 3 more years. They are in win now mode, they have Bryce for this year and next. They have Murph, Zimmerman, Scherzer, Strasburg, Rendon and Turner (when healthy). They are flat out loaded, add a dominant closer to that list and this team is the best in the NL. Yes, better than the Dodgers.

As for the 2 out fielders, they will be talked about because corner outfielders with power are always nice to have and they’re very cheap considering the production that they have. Listen to those offers, but again, over sell. The Reds should be getting at least one top 5 prospect for every one of those players.

My dream trade is this: Cozart and Iglesias to the Nats for Victor Robles and Erick Fedde.

I literally feel like that is the perfect fit for both teams. The Reds get the Nats’ top two prospects, I get that sounds high but look at what the Cubs just sold to be get what they needed. If the Nats want to be a legit contender, they need to be willing to give up a lot. The Nats NEED a closer. Iglesias is a freak, he has had one bad outing, he has a great contract and it makes sense. Throw in Cozart, who they would have for the rest of this year, and then he becomes a free agent, but he was the NL starter at short in the all star game. Trea Turner was their starting short stop, he broke his wrist, he’ll back, but he played center all of last year. When he comes back, move him to center where he can play. If you are a Nats fan (which I am behind the Reds) listen to this lineup: Turner, Cozart, Harper, Zimmerman, Murphy, Rendon, Taylor (when healthy) and Wieters. That is an unbelievable lineup. Now you have Scherzer, Strasburg, Gio and Roark to start in the playoffs, with Doolittle, Madson and Iglesias to close it out. That is a World Series team. You never know when your winning window will close, if you’re the Nats you have to take advantage of that.

Some other players that are expected to be dealt? Dave Robertson, Brad Hand and Pat Neshek are the other big time relievers that will probably go.



Sonny Gray, Jamie Garcia, Edison Volquez, Clayton Richard, Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander, Jonny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija are the top starting pitchers that will be on the block. Guys like McCutchen, Yonder Alonso, Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson are some of the bigger hitters who are also on the market. Lots of former Reds on that list. Pretty stiff market. Expect the Yankees to come in hot, they need starting pitching and have prospects to give up. It shall be interesting as per usual.

The baseball deadline is always crazy, and these guys always come in and make immediate impacts. Think about last year alone. Chapman to the Cubs, Miller to the Indians. Those teams aren’t in the World Series without them. This means so much for how the season will pan out. Buckle up peeps, it will be wild.

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