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Why LeBron Will Join The Sixers, Not The Lakers, After This Season

By: Alex Marcheschi

Last week LeBron was hanging out in Vegas at the summer league. He was seen at the Lakers game, and many assumed he was there scouting Lonzo and a few other “future teammates” as many in the media like to speculate he’s going to LA next year. 

However, as loyal readers of the PUP know, we like to stay as woke as possible here. All of this LeBron to the Lakers talk is a smoke screen that’s being orchestrated by the King and his network of friends and colleagues. LeBron wants the media to think he’s going to LA, but he’s not. After this year, LeBron will be taking his talents to Philadelphia. I first considered this last week…

I tweeted this while Twitter was freaking out about Bron sitting on the baseline at the Lakers game. In my opinion, LeBron’s presence at that game was another one of his calculated genius moves. That game was going on during the ESPYs and he knew it would make national news that he was watching the Lakers in Vegas instead of being at the award show.

However the Lakers were playing the Sixers, and before he was at the game, he was working out privately with the Sixers’ Ben Simmons:

Oh yeah, and Simmons just so happens to be represented by LeBron’s best friend from childhood, Rich Paul. My hunch is this: Bron, Rich Paul and Simmons have all discussed LeBron’s next move and they all know he’s going to stay in the East to join Simmons and the overflow of young talent in Philly. But, in order to optimally operate, it’s important to lead the media on and make them think LeBron is going West. That’s why Simmons randomly said this last week: 

Why would he even be talking about Bron’s next move if he didn’t have an ulterior motive? Then, just today, Simmons tweeted this:

That was a classic case of not being able to completely hold in a juicy secret. NBA players love stirring the pot with emojis, and Simmons just couldn’t hold back. It makes so much more sense for LeBron to go to Philly if you really think about it. They have an amazing young core and, most importantly, they’re in the East. If LeBron went to the Lakers he’d get bruised and battered all year long playing in the daunting West. If he goes to Philly, he could continue his Finals streak until he retires. LeBron is on record saying he chose #6 in Miami to honor Dr. J, and he also has a familial relationship with Allen Iverson. And on top of all that, from a player personell standpoint, the Sixers are simply a better option than the Lakers.

Going to the Sixers would allow LeBron to gradually transition into a big man role toward the end of his career and he could mentor Simmons, which would be in his personal interest as Simmons is signed to LeBron’s agency: Klutch Sports Group. It makes too much sense. Don’t trust the national media, trust the PUP. After this year, LeBron will be a Sixer. 

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