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Windy Reports That Kyrie Asked The Cavs For a Trade Last Week and LeBron Didn’t Know

By: Alex Marcheschi

We are at DEFCON 1. The ship is sinking. All hands on deck. Someone get the barf bag. LeBron James’ stalker and top ESPN Cavs reporter Brian Windhorst is reporting that Kyrie met with the Cavs and demanded a trade last week. On top of that, he’s reporting that LeBron was blindsided by it and is disappointed.

Now the reports of the Cavs going after D Rose after already having Calderon make sense. Many media outlets have been writing about the demise of the Cavs recently, and I thought it was all overreaction, but if this is true, it clearly wasn’t. LeBron will be a free agent at the end of this season and Kyrie won’t be. If he got wind that LeBron is leaving, he probably said, “screw it then, I’m getting ahead of the problem.”

I wrote earlier this week in this post, that it really looks like LeBron has agreed to go to the Sixers, and this only reinforces my thinking. My thought process goes like this: Kyrie heard that LeBron is definitely leaving for Philly after this year and got extremely offended that LeBron would do that to him. If he knows Bron is leaving, he probably wants to get out before he leaves so he’s not stuck on a Bron-less Cavs team. And, this way, he can serve the King a nice heaping plate of “fuck you”.

Will the Cavs trade him to the Knicks for Melo and the new French kid? Who knows. This is terrible news for Cavs fans. Woj is tweeting that Kyrie prefers the Spurs:

Who would the Spurs give up? Murray, LaMarcus and a couple picks? Haynes is reporting that these are the four options he gave the Cavs:

Cleveland may have gotten the ring, but it seems like we’re back to the “we can’t have nice things” ways. Ohio sports will always rip your heart out. Always.

Tis a sad, sad day.

p.s. Lowe and Woj backing this makes it feel pretty damn legit

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