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The Kyrie Trade Demand Angle No One is Talking About: He’s Hinted at Early Retirement Before

By: Alex Marcheschi

After having a weekend to digest the Kyrie news, I can say this: it still hurts, it absolutely sucks, but I can’t blame Kyrie at all and I honestly think it’s an extremely smart career move. And here’s why – earlier this year on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye’s podcast, Road Trippin’, Kyrie hinted at early retirement:

kyrie quote.PNG

Now, flat earth jokes aside, it seems like Kyrie has aspirations for a life outside of basketball. He’s 25-years-old, he’s in the prime of his career and he saw the money Steph, Wall and Harden just got. If we believe his above quote about considering early retirement, that means he may only be willing to sign one more big NBA contract. His current deal will expire when he’s 27-years-old and Steph just signed a five year, $201 million deal with Golden State at age 29. Kyrie is arguably as good as Steph and he’s four years younger than him. NBA teams will be able to offer even more money by the time Kyrie is ready for a new contract, and if his next deal goes for five years, that would put Kyrie at 32-years-old when it expires. That’s exactly in that “early retirement” age range.

However, in order to ensure he gets that type of big money, he needs to put up some wild numbers during these next two years and he’s not willing to put his stats on the back-burner for LeBron anymore.

kyriebron lol.PNG

Kyrie is the best finishing point guard in the NBA, he has the best handles and his three point jumper is pure money. If he goes off and puts up Harden numbers on a new team for the next two seasons, which he is extremely capable of doing, he could potentially sign the biggest deal in NBA history when his time comes in two years.

As the cliché goes, sports are a business, and Kyrie is just trying to capitalize. As much as it hurts for Cavs fans, you have to respect his decision and thank him for what he did for the city.

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