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Bengals Owner Mike Brown: “I Don’t Know That You’ll Be Able to Maintain an NFL Team in Cincinnati at Some Point”

By: Alex Marcheschi

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Dehner Jr. wrote a great piece about Bengals owner Mike Brown and his family recently, and while it was interesting to get a rare look behind the scenes of how one of the most old school ownership groups in pro sports operates, it was also an ominous read for Bengals fans.

Dehner Jr. pointed out how the Bengals are one of three NFL teams not valued in the top 50 sports franchises worldwide by Forbes.

And he also stated that Cincinnati is the fourth smallest market in the NFL, ahead of only Jacksonville, New Orleans and Buffalo.

These factors lead to a disturbing reality for Bengals fans: someday the Bengals might not be in Cincinnati. We just saw St. Louis lose their team and apparently nobody is safe anymore. That statement isn’t just coming from me, it’s coming from Bengals owner Mike Brown himself. 

Those who read the blog know I hate Mike Brown and this is just another reason why. Instead of saying cryptic things like this, the Brown family needs to adapt to the changing landscape of the NFL so they can keep their family business for the long haul. 

Throughout Dehner Jr.’s story you see details about how the Bengals are known for their old, cemented ways within the NFL and while it holds sentimental value for some, it may be the very thing that does the Cincinnati Bengals in.

Obviously it’s not fun to think about Cincinnati without the Bengals, but when the owner is saying things like this, it’s impossible to not to. A common saying in pro sports recently has been “speak it into existence” after LaVar and Lonzo Ball’s Lakers dream came to fruition. Well, Mike Brown, on the other hand, is speaking it into destruction. Hats off to you once again Mike, you continue to amaze. 

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