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LeBron is Upset With Dan Gilbert & is “100% Leaving”, What Are The Chances His End Game is to Buy the Cavs?

bron thinking

By: Alex Marcheschi

The same reporter who originally reported that LeBron was coming back to Cleveland, Chris Sheridan, is reporting that LeBron is 100% leaving after this season because his relationship with Dan Gilbert is beyond repair.

This isn’t surprising at all. We all know about how Gilbert trashed LeBron when he originally left, he let former Cavs GM David Griffin walk, made a random appearance at The White House with the Cubs (who beat Cleveland in the World Series) while knowing LeBron hates Trump…

and he let this situation with Kyrie get to an awful point.

Dan Gilbert is in a weird spot. He’s been willing to pay the luxury tax for a few years now and he did get Cleveland a ring. He’s the owner of the Cavs and he should be able to do whatever he wants, but this is an extenuating circumstance. LeBron started a movement in the NBA that resulted in superstar players leveraging their power to essentially level the playing field with the owners. Yes, Dan Gilbert owns the Cavs, but LeBron holds all the power.

Bron is the King of Cleveland, and Gilbert has already done enough for LeBron to place the blame on him when he leaves. My spidey senses are tingling, and I think we’re seeing genius businessman LeBron at work here. He’s going to leave Cleveland after this season, and I think he’s going to bash Gilbert when he leaves in an attempt to turn the fans against him. Think about it, if LeBron leaves again he has to do it very carefully. If he can explain to the fans that it’s not about them, it’s about ownership, he could potentially make the fans passionately hate Dan Gilbert for life. Then, he’ll go play somewhere else until he retires and eventually attempt to buy the Cavs once he’s retired and the dust has settled.

LeBron has been very vocal about his desire to eventually own a team like MJ does, and it would only make sense for it to be the Cavs. If he can successfully turn the city against Gilbert and let it simmer for a few years until he retires, he just might be able to get Gilbert to eventually sell the team to him. LeBron is always ten steps ahead of everybody else, and I think he’s already trying to line up an ownership opportunity with the Cavs right now. Stay woke.

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