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NBA Rookies Vote LeBron Most Popular Player, Steph Doesn’t Receive a Single Vote

By: Alex Marcheschi

This is one of the most beautiful tweets my eyes have ever seen:

The NBA rookies, the young men who will entertain for years to come, the young men who know the game of basketball like the back of their hand, love LeBron and hate Steph.

To me, this is no surprise. I’ve been a staunch Steph hater since the Warriors changed uniforms and he became an actually good player. Yes, he’s unreal. He’s a cheat code, he invented an entirely new way to play basketball and he deserves kudos for that. But, real recognize real here. It’s very telling that Steph didn’t receive a single vote…that’s pretty wild if you think about it. He’s not even respected by his own peers.

Steph’s biggest fans are toddlers because they have no concept of what real basketball is and he looks like one of their own. Grown men who know the game prefer LeBron and realize that Steph isn’t even in the same realm as The King.

It’s so refreshing to see this, this rookie class just became my favorite rookie class ever. Wonderful news.

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