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The Bengals are Simply Terrible and Ken Zampese Needs to be Fired ASAP

By: Tyler Dugan

Hand up. I was wrong. I thought this team could win the division??? HA. They can’t score a fucking touchdown. Good lord. Where to even begin?

Let’s start with the offense because that is just a major shit show. Ken Zampese needs to be fired. He should’ve been fired at halftime.


How many screens do we run a game? It has to be near 20. At least once every 5 downs we run some sort of screen that gets 2 yards. Secondly, why is Brandon LaFell being targeted 7 times? Why was John Ross targeted 0 times in the passing game? The guy had a 12 yard run (pretty sure longest of the night) and he fumbles. Ok, bad play. So we don’t see him at all after that? Give me a break. How can AJ not be targeted on the last drive?

How do you not have specific plays for him to get open? Why is Brandon Lafell even dressing? We healthy scratched Tyler Boyd tonight. Like give me a break. Throw him in there. Joe Mixon needs more than 9 carries. Simple as that. Deandre Hopkins had 13 targets. Aj Green should’ve had more. FIRE ZAMPESE NOW.

To Dalton. He sucked. It wasn’t as bad as last week. But it definitely wasn’t good. He missed a wide open LaFell for a long pass that was a dagger. He took a bad sack. Threw the ball away on 3rd down during the final drive. But to my AJ McCarron fanboys? What does he do better than Andy Dalton? What is going to happen when AJ McCarron gets in the game that is different? Do you just want to see another jersey number? Because he isn’t more mobile. He has about the same arm strength. His decision making is questionable. Those are facts.

So tell me, what will putting the god sent AJ McCarron in the game do? And then tell me this. What happens if it’s the same exact results? What do we do then? Do you boo him off the field? Do you plea for Andy back? Or Jeff Driskel? All I hear is people yelling “PUT MCCARRON IN?” Why? To set him up for failure? Because let me tell you putting AJ McCarron doesn’t change. It doesn’t change that we have the WORST offensive line in the league. It doesn’t change the play calling, he will throw just as many screens. It doesn’t change the head coaches thought process. It doesn’t change the fact that we have 20 million dollars sitting in cap space right now. Tonight it doesn’t change Tyler Eifert stepping out of bounds. It doesn’t change John Ross fumbling. McCarron is the same god damn player as Andy Dalton maybe even slightly worse. All putting him in does is change the number and hair color. So again. Is Andy Dalton a good quarterback? He’s average. And right now he’s bad. But putting AJ in solves nothing. I’m all in on looking for a replacement for Andy Dalton. But if you put AJ in these 2 games, the Bengals are still 0-2 and heading to Green Bay, and you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise. The Bengals have a lot of problems. Andy Dalton may be one of them, but he isn’t the biggest.

To the defense. They have played so well and so hard it is hard to rip. But I have to ask a couple of questions. Well, really, just one major question. Why was Pacman guarding Deandre Hopkins? Why? You look at Deandre’s stats and you may think, well… he only caught 7 for 73. Not too shabby. That doesn’t factor in the time he beat Pacman for 6, and Pac had to trip him to get a PI call. That was on 2 and 15 by the way. That doesn’t count the questionable offensive PI on Hopkins that was a catch for about 15 yards. Also remember he was playing with a guy making his first career NFL Start tonight.  I’m not saying this to rip on Pacman either, believe me, I have my beef with Pacman, this isn’t it. I’m saying this because I’m still wondering why the fuck we paid Dre 5 years 52 million dollars. That isn’t money you pay a guy to be a second corner. That certainly isn’t money you pay a guy to be the second corner behind an older slower corner. So tell me why the hell Pacman Jones was guarding Deandre Hopkins tonight, especially on that last field goal drive where he got beat like a drum? Please tell me that we did not pay Dre Kirkpatrick 5 years 52 million dollars to guard Braxton fucking Miller. Because that is what he did tonight. To me it just seems like that 52 million dollars could’ve gone to help out the offensive line. Not sure who we would signed tho. Wasn’t much available…

What a damn joke. 20 million dollars sitting in cap space! Hope that helps keep the lights on Mike, because you just had 54,000 people (way under stadium capacity) come to a prime time game to watch your offensive go touchdownless, again!

Screw this ownership, screw this coaching staff. Move to Las Vegas, I’m not sure that many people would be disappointed.


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