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NFL Week 2 Recap: Falcons & Pats Still on Top, Chiefs Challenging, Denver Stifling, Seahawks Dying

By: Tyler Dugan

We get to talk about a weekend without the shit show in Cincy!

Steelers vs Vikings 
This is so classic Pittsburgh. Playing Cleveland and then playing the Vikings without Sam Bradford is so poetic for fat Ben. People calling the Steelers Super Bowl contenders and I think they are literally solely basing this off of past history. I just don’t think they are that good. They have looked bad for 2 weeks playing bad opponents. They are not even close to the Patriots, Chiefs and Raiders. Not even close.
Chiefs vs Eagles
I drafted Travis Kelce in my fantasy league, called him the best tight end in the league and people laughed at me. He is the best TE by a landslide. He is so talented. He is so damn fast. And he doesn’t get hurt every 6 plays. The Chiefs are the real deal. They are the class of the AFC.

Hoop earring szn

Cardinals Colts
Poop game of the week. The Colts are god awful. The NFL has so many teams that are soooo bad.
Jets Raiders
I don’t even know what to talk about in this game because the Jets are so bad. I honestly can’t name a single player on their roster. I genuinely don’t know who their QB is. Marshawn dancing is a top 5 video of all time. That guy literally does not care. He just gets like 15 carries a game. Runs hard as shit then just bounces on the sidelines. I would love to live an hour in that brain. His thoughts have to be out of this world.
Panthers Bills
Here is what I love. This is primetime talk to all the Andy Dalton haters. Pretty crazy how I have turned the Panthers Bills games into Bengals talk but watch me. The Panthers have no offensive line. None. They just put up 9 points against the Bills at home. That is after looking awful vs the 49ers. Cam is a much better quarterback than Dalton obviously, but it just proves how much help you actually need to be successful. The lack of offensive line play in the NFL is startling.
Seahawks 49ers
Second verse same as the first. Russell Wilson looks like shit. Why? He has zero time to throw the ball. None. I’m sorry it doesn’t matter how good of a quarterback you have if you are getting smacked every other play you can’t be productive. Seattle is collapsing. No one really wants to admit it but they are. All the Seattle blow hards talk about “well they make the playoffs every year!” Playing the Rams, 49ers, and a depleted Cardinals team every year will do that. Malcom Butlers pick ended the Seahawks. Think about it. 2 years ago they made the playoffs should have lost to Minnesota if Blair Walsh doesn’t shank a gimme. Then got the wheels blown off at Carolina. The score shows 31-24, but I’m pretty sure they were down 31-0 at one point. Fast forward to next year. They beat Detroit, then got murdered in Atlanta. They aren’t the big bad team anymore. That is what happens when you pay DBs instead of lineman.
Dolphins Chargers
Another Sunday with Phillip. My guy Phil did his thing. Ran all over the field, kept the game just close enough to lose it in the end. Literally the perfect ending for Phil. Him screaming at the ref, after getting drilled by a D-end. The perfect end to a Sunday.
Patriots Saints
Yes, the Patriots are still very good. The saints defense is so bad. Tom Brady is 40 years old, and is still at the top. He’s the best. He continues to prove. This is one of probably 13 wins.
Broncos vs Cowboys
This was a knock down drag out fight. The Broncos defense is so damn good. So damn good. They made a lethal offense look like the Bengals. I don’t think the Cowboys are going to be that good. I truly don’t. I don’t trust their passing game. I may be way wrong, but I just don’t see it.
no fly.jpg
Falcons and Packers
Falcons are another team that is just really good. No true weak spot. They win ugly, they can chase in a shoot out. They are so complete. They made the packers look childish. This is 2 weeks in row that the packers offense has looked shaky… now I get it. They played 2 pretty solid defenses. They managed to be 1-1 after 2 games. But they have had struggles. Atlanta is the best team in the NFC still.
That’s it for week 3. NFL has been kinda poopy so far so hopefully these games clean up

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