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Athens Legend & Ohio State Backup QB Joey Burrow Uses His Platform to Speak Facts


By: Alex Marcheschi

I was at OU studying journalism and working at the local PBS sports station when Athens, Ohio’s own Joey Burrow was lighting the gridiron on fire. During his sophomore season at Athens High School in 2012 he threw for 3,239 yards and 47 TDS, then he went on match that TD number and increase his yardage by about 500 yards in 2013 with a 71% completion rate. I graduated in 2014, but he threw for 4,445 yards and 63 TDs that year. The kid’s a beast and he earned himself a full ride to Ohio State. His father is Frank Solich’s Associate Head Coach at OU and he’s got football flowing through his veins, but he’s also very socially conscious.

Joey knows playing for Ohio State, even as a backup, carries serious weight. He has a substantial Twitter following and he has been know for ripping off some fire tweets:

But he has more than jokes. Ohio State’s football program was valued at $1.5 billion recently and Burrow expressed his thoughts about that:

There is nothing wrong with that tweet. It’s a great point, and when you put it like that, it sounds truly absurd. It’s a joke that Ohio Stadium can be packed with #15 jerseys and Zeke doesn’t get a dime of it. The players are the biggest reason why the program is worth $1.5 billion. However, we had the usual Twitter suspects getting their panties in a wad over our guy Joey’s tweet. Enter the human mosquito Doug Gottlieb, who got kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing a credit card:

Joey promptly checked Doug’s credit score:

Then Darren Rovell emerged from his rabbit hole and tried to take a swipe at young Burrow:

But Joey didn’t flinch, he quickly snuffed out D and poured cement down his rabbit hole:

Ever heard of bulking season Darren? Obviously not. Put some respeck on Burrow’s name, you’re looking at the future of Buckeye football. The golden boy. The Athens Assassin. Laser rocket arm and giant brain. Get worked.

Burrow is a great follow on Twitter and one of the most poised college athletes in the game as he could have very well gone to other schools and played right away, but he wanted to be a Buckeye. Through all the JT hate, he has remained true to his mentor and he’s been a team guy. He’s allowed to have opinions, and it turns out his opinions are better than the opinions of clowns who get paid to have opinions. Amazing. Long live the Athens Assassin.

PS – He stays repping Athens, ROOTS! ROOTS!



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