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D Wade To Sign With The Cavs, As First Reported by The PUP List in June

bron wade.PNG

By: Alex Marcheschi

Ladies and Gentleman, boy and girls, LeBron Raymone James and Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. are reunited and the entire Bay Area is collectively weeping into McCovey Cove.

The Cavs are BACK. B-A-C-K. Back. They might set the record for most players ever rested in a season, but they are back. I’m here to report that what looks like an NBA 2K12 super team to some is still a super team in the present day. Why should you trust me on this? Well, I can say that we were the first website on earth to report that D Wade would be joining the Cavs way back in June.

They’re still a super team because karma exists in basketball. The Warriors don’t deserve any more success. They are a team composed of smuggy d bags, the basketball gods know this and they will react accordingly. They’ll still make The Finals, but it won’t be a walk in the park. They won’t get lucky and have at least one of the opposing team’s best players suffer an injury. They’ll have to battle through the new look Thunder and Rockets, and the Spurs will only be better. They’re going to get beat up all season long. Their wins will be tough.

The Cavs, on the other hand, really only have the Celtics and Wizards to worry about, and they shouldn’t even be that worried. If they handle the roster properly, everyone should be healthy rolling into the playoffs and if that’s the case, the Wiz and Celtics don’t stand a chance. Sorry, Cleveland is way too deep now. Look at this potential rotation:


PG: Isaiah Thomas, SG: Dwyane Wade, SF: LeBron James, PF: Kevin Love, C: Tristan Thompson

Sixth man

JR Smith

Second unit

D Rose, Korver, Jeff Green, Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic


Cedi Osman, Shump, Jose Calderon, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Kendrick Perkins

And please, please, please don’t rule out the Cavs landing Demarcus Cousins before the deadline in exchange for the Brooklyn pick.

The Pelicans have no chance in the West and I don’t think their double big man experiment will work, especially when you add in Rondo’s attitude issues and Jrue Holiday’s injury susceptibility.

LeBron’s vibes have been much more positive ever since the Kyrie deal and his love for Cleveland seems to be reignited. There’s no more looking forward to the future of Kyrie leading the team for Cavs fans. It’s LeBron or bust. He knows if he stays in Cleveland his family lineage will be royalty for eternity and that is no exaggeration. Let’s go. D Wade’s been working on his 3 ball lately too, he got his percentage up to 31% last season. So ready for the NBA season to start.

p.s. – This move has been in the cards for a while now, I bet LeBron and Wade talked about this before he even went back to Cleveland.

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