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Sean Kilpatrick Becomes Latest Member of The Illustrious And1 NBA Sneaker Club

By: Alex Marcheschi

For a few years, from about 2000 to 2006, And1 had the hottest shit in the game. Awesome shirts with badass sayings on the back…

and 1 shirts lol.jpg

Dope ass sneakers that demanded respect when they were laced up…

andy sneak.jpg

And last, but certainly not least, there was the And1 Mixtape Tour featuring every suburban white kid’s hero, The Professor:

that prof.jpg

So, I don’t want to hear the And1 slander. I don’t care that they’re sold at Wal-Mart now, that’s a savvy business move. #SecureTheBag or die. Our guy, former Bearcat Sean Kilpatrick, is the latest legend to join the And1 NBA team that has seen the likes of Latrell Spreewell…


Stephon Marbury…


White Chocolate…

j will.png

Big Ben Wallace…

big ben w.jpg

Chauncey Billups…


Half Man Half Amazing…


And fellow Bearcat Lance Stephenson, among many others…

lance and1.jpg

People tend to view And1 in a bummy light, but facts are facts and that was a pretty legendary list. Kilpatrick is next in line to carry the streetballer with NBA skills crown and he has been given the sneaks to carry that crown:


Pretty crispy honestly, nice personal logo and they look super comfy. Good for Killa, this is a great sign for his career. Legends begin their careers repping And1, and this is no different. Praise be.


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