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Week 7 Recap: When the Browns Fire Hue Jackson, The Bengals Need to Fire Marvin & Hire Hue

By: Tyler Dugan

I said I was going to change the format of these a couple weeks ago. So here will be the five things I saw, and they all are from the disaster in Pittsburgh.

1. We like to think that this game is a rivalry, it’s not. For it to be a rivalry the other team has to win every once in a while. The Bengals never win because they have a worse organizational structure than Enron in 2000. The Steelers are our big brother. They are worse than that. They OWN us. It’s not even close. Not even kind of close. I’m going to go full Pedro “just have to tip my cap and call the Steelers my daddy.”

This doesn’t remotely change the fact that I have absolutely ZERO respect for this franchise. The are grimy, dirty, weird, gross people. Top to bottom. First of all, they act like beating the 2-3 Bengals is like winning the Super Bowl. Like no shit. You are better than us. The Bengals suck. You’d think they’d be like focused on beating the Patriots and maybe going back to the Super Bowl. But no, their fans spend their time commenting on a Cincy fan page about beating a joke of a franchise. Do you think Pats fans go bananas when they beat the Jets? They don’t even pay attention to them. The fact that Steelers fans still give Bengals fans the time of day shows literally how big of losers they are. Life must be so god damn boring in Pittsburgh that they spend their Sundays searching for Bengals fan pages to comment on them how dirty the Bengals are (meanwhile Mike Mitchell plays for them). Go to a bar and drink a beer, quit searching for Bengals fan pages to comment on like LOSERS. They cream themselves over beating a bad franchise. You guys are a supposed to be Super Bowl contenders, if you wanna be the Patriots maybe act like them. STEELERS FANS ARE LOSERS.

2. The coaching is so bad. This isn’t anything new, but could you imagine being completely mediocre at a job for THIRTEEN years and still having complete job security? That is Marvin Lewis. Marvin Lewis is a salesman who, in 13 years, has never hit his quota but somehow has his boss by the balls. I blame like 96% of this loss on the coaching. It was a six point game at halftime. The Steelers out scored the Bengals 9-0 in the 2nd half. What happens during halftime? Coaches make adjustments. The Bengals had like 12 total yards in the second half. 12. That is so beyond pathetic. They looked completely lost. That is coaching plain and simple. The Steelers made adjustments to what the Bengals were doing, it really is that easy. Marvin needs to be fired. Again, not a ground breaking statement but it needs to be done. He has officially lost this team. They don’t listen, respect or care what he has to bring the table. Marvin just always looks like he farted during church, and he is trying to keep it quiet. He is just blah.

Tyler who would they replace him with? This is so much easier than people would make it out to be. Hue Jackson is the simplest, smartest answer out there. “Huh he is like 1-29 as a head coach.” Folks, a nice mixture Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Bill Belichik and Vince Lombardi, couldn’t get this Browns team to win. Deshone Kizer is so woefully bad, which shouldn’t shock anyone, the guy literally wasn’t a good college quarterback. They are the worst football team ever constructed. They will fire Hue. This is the perfect time to pounce. 2015-2016, who was the brains behind the best Bengals offense in the last decade? Who had Andy Dalton in the MVP race? Who had Tyler Eifert looking like Gronk? Had AJ Green getting 12 targets a game? Oh that’s right, Hue Jackson. He was the Andy whisperer. He has a ton of respect already built in that locker room. The players love him. Think about it. It is perfect. Don’t forget that Billy B wasn’t even successful in Cleveland cannot judge Hue off his stint in Cleveland.


3. This should basically be 2(a ) because it is about coaching, but what is the deal with still playing Jeremy Hill? How in the hell does Joe Mixon not have a carry in the 2nd half. How? Not one single carry. He averaged 7 yards per carry in the first half. Not a single carry. Could you imagine if the Cowboys played an entire half without giving Zeke the ball? Or the Steelers not giving Leveon the ball for the half? (He had 33 carries for over 150+). So when Marv was asked about this post game he claps back with this rock solid quote “He was in the game, whatever plays are called are called.” Our fearless leader. Literally answered the question without answering the question. Yeah he was in the game but we chose not to give him the ball, any further questions? Lets throw this all on top of the fact that AJ didn’t have a catch in the second half. So, now imagine a half where Zeke nor Dez never touches the ball. A half where AB and Leveon don’t get the ball. The Bengals literally didn’t give the ball to their 2 best players for an entire half, and we are sitting back wondering why they lost? The Bengals have the simplest answers to why they lost. I just don’t understand how they cant see it. Their 2 best players didn’t touch the ball!!!!!

4. Didn’t think you were going to get through this without a Dre Kirkpatrick rant were you? I hope not because you are about to get it. HE IS THE WORST CORNER IN THE NFL. I just cant believe that the Bengals paid him 50 million over Zeitler and Whitworth. I bring it up every week, but I just cant come to grips with it. He is so awfully bad. That end of the half heave to AB where he just gets beat is his token play. AB ran circles around him. Again. Because he sucks. He is my least favorite athlete of all time. I cannot stand him. Oh, and what the hell is up with him jersey swapping with AB at the end of the game.

“Hey man you just roasted me for 4 quarters, and beat us in a crucial divisional mathcup, anyways, can I have your jersey?” Like what do you think AB even does with that? No way he hangs up. Like how does Dre do that? How do you get completely dominated by a guy then ask for his jersey after, and if AB asked Dre that is completely savage. Torch a guy then ask for his jersey have to respect it. Dre sucks, WJ3 is so much better, he needs to be on the field, get that garbage outta here.

5. What in the hell is up with the Bengals kneeling at the end of the game? They get the ball back with like 45 seconds left down 15 (obviously not going to win) and they kneeled? That may be the softest thing I have ever seen, and it completely proves how scared the Bengals are of the Steelers. Don’t give me the bullshit, what’s the point don’t need anyone to get hurt rant either. If you are losing you play the game out. Run Jeremy Hill up the middle for -3 yards like you did all game. Don’t get in the VICTORY formation, and just kneel down on a 15 point loss. That is the problem with Marvin. It is the point behind that kneel. That is just a give in, and that is the central problem with this franchise people. They accept losing. They kneel down on a loss. They are content with taking that. Rather than show a little fight. A little push. It sounds so pathetic but it infuriated me when I saw that. Play til the end of the game. The Bengals kneeling down 15 with 45 seconds left is the Marvin Lewis ERA in a nut shell. Shows flashes of being really good. Leaves you scratching your head. You end up a disappointed team that felt no need to fight anymore. Time to go Marv.

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