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After Watching This Jalen Ramsey Post-Game Interview, I Don’t Blame AJ For Choking Out That Ass

By: Alex Marcheschi

A human can only take so much.

We’ve all been there before. Whether you’re an office worker, a traveling salesman, a bartender, a waitress, a delivery man, a baker, a welder, or even a telemarketer…we’ve all had a straw that broke the camel’s back moment.

Let’s take the bartender for example. Maybe your ninth rude customer of the day asks for two sides of mayo with his sandwich, extra croutons for his salad, a shot of tequila with a lime and three refills of Diet Coke, but never once says “thank you.” You do your best to be nice in hopes that he’ll leave you a tip, but you trust your gut and this guy seems like a scumbag. You’re prepared for the worst.

He asks for the check and you notice he’s going to pay with a card. Judging by his lack of “thank you”s and generally shitty demeanor, you can already smell the no tip coming. Not only does he not tip, but he draws an “X” through the tip line on the receipt. You become enraged. He pushes himself away from the bar, zips up his Patagonia, slips his Ray Bans on to his dumb face and begins to walk away without so much as a “see ya man.”

At this point, you weigh your options in your head and decide to allow yourself to snap. You see him off by saying, “see ya later cheap-o mayo boy.” He turns around and says, “what did you just call me bro?” You stand your ground, tell him to please wait a moment, walk around the bar, get about five inches from his face and reiterate, “cheap-o mayo boy.” He dares you to say it again, and you happily oblige, in fact, you sing it in his face to the tune of Hey Jude. He pushes you in the chest and next thing you know you have him in a headlock and you’re punching him the head, screaming “CHEAP-O MAYO BOY!!!!” at the top of your lungs. Now, you’re holding him upside down and shaking the change out of his pockets. At this point, you really don’t give a shit if you get fired, or even arrested for that matter. You’re a human being for God’s sake, not an emotionless robot. We all have a tipping point. You know you’re going to get fired, and potentially arrested, but you don’t care. The shit has hit the fan, you’re a free man. You have become one with your emotions for the first time in decades and you shake the shackles of society loose. In this moment, you are alive.

The true testament of being fed up with a shitty job is not caring about the paycheck. If you’re ever willing to metaphorically light money on fire, that’s when you know you’ve ran out of shits to give. That’s what happened to AJ Green yesterday.

Poor AJ. He’s a man of immense talent and even greater dignity. This is a guy who got drafted into the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise knowing full well there’s a strong chance it negatively affects his career, but until this year he never made a peep. But, we all have a tipping point as I said above.

This season has been very frustrating, AJ Green is a Lamborghini and Mike Brown took him to the Wal-Mart auto center for an oil change and new tires. He is not being respected as he deserves to be. He may not have even known it, but going into the Jags game, he was on the verge of snapping. Cue Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey was talking shit all game, and then he gave AJ that extra push and all hell broke loose. Bengals fans know AJ isn’t that type of guy. He snapped, and after watching this Ramsey post-game interview from last year, I fully understand why. This was about Steve Smith, but his general demeanor in this video warrants an ass kicking. Can’t blame AJ at all if he had anywhere near this attitude with him.

Talk about a cheap-o mayo boy, that dude deserved to have his ass kicked. Don’t come at the most talented receiver in the league like that young man, respect your elders. If AJ had a top 15 quarterback and a decent O Line to let him run his routes he would toast your ass like an english muffin with extra butter. You’re lucky Adriel Jeremiah didn’t smack that smile right off your face. Add Jalen Ramsey to the hate list, fuck this guy. Long live AJ Green, may he find happiness and a situation that allows him to properly thrive.

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