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AJ Green Wasn’t Set Off By Ramsey, He Was Set Off By The State of The Bengals


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By: Tyler Dugan

As a child were you ever so ragingly pissed at your parents, but also super frustrated at the same time because there was nothing you could really do about? Like your mom does something that just pisses you off beyond belief, you obviously can’t smack her, so what do you do? You go try to take your anger out on your little brother in a game of Madden, and then all of a sudden your little brother is beating the shit out of you in Madden and your life is ending as you know it. So you’re just left with beating your brother’s ass physically. Not because he did anything wrong, mostly because you are mad at your mom, can’t take it out on her so your brother gets the brunt of it because he set you over the edge.

That is EXACTLY what happened with AJ Green this weekend. You are AJ Green, your mom is the Bengals franchise (sorry mom) and your brother is Jalen Ramsey.

If you think Jalen Ramsey got that deep inside the head of AJ Green you are outside your mind. AJ has gone up against Revis, Norman, Peterson and the entire Steelers team. All premium shit talkers. He has never said a peep! He is the most cool, calm and collected guy there is. Antonio Brown even tweeted how uncharacteristic it was, and there must be something deeper going on.

You think Jalen Ramsey is the guy that got him to crack? Get out of town. That was 1000% pent up anger caused by playing for this stupid franchise, and quite frankly, it is hard to blame him.

Let’s take a look at what may have made our superstar so upset. In 2015, the Bengals get off to the hottest start in franchise history. Andy Dalton is having an MVP caliber season. AJ is having a great year. Marvin Jones, Mo Sanu, Tyler Eifert, healthy. They had an awesome offensive line. Defense was good. Everything was perfect. Then Dalton gets hurt. The wheels begin to fall off, but they still win the division. They still have a home playoff game against dreaded Pittsburgh. They play Pitt, without their starting QB, the Bengals are in prime position to win the game, AJ Green catches what would’ve been the game winning TD. Tez picks off Landry Jones. It’s party time. Well, we know how this goes. Hill fumbles. Yada yada yada (shoutout to Seinfeld) Bengals lose. That was the start.

Since then this has transpired: The Bengals let Hue Jackson walk, who AJ was a big fan of. They let both of his running mates walk (Marv and Mo), they signed both of the players who played very key parts in blowing that Pitt game, and have players with major disciplinary issues sign long term deals (Tez and Pacman). They went 6-9-1 in 2016. Lost many games that they should’ve won due to a multitude of mishaps. He got injured. Then after the 2016 season, there were three major free agents. Two on offense and one on defense. I’ve talked about this 6 billion times. But the Bengals let two very key starting offensive lineman walk, and signed a corner who is currently rated as the worst starting corner in the NFL to a long term deal. They have 20 million dollars in cap space. They then drafted a receiver to line up across from AJ to help get him open. Said receiver has now been a complete non factor because he isn’t apart of the game plan according to the coach. The line has never been worse. The couldn’t complete a deal to trade their backup quarterback for two very valuable draft picks. He has 7 catches in the last 3 games. He already had to publicly come out and speak to make a change at the OC position. Now what?

It’s so blatantly obvious that AJ Green is pissed off at this franchise, and you know what? He isn’t the first. Remember 2010? Carson Palmer demanded that he either be traded or he is retiring. He was willing to give up every single thing to just get the hell out of the Bengals franchise. We ripped him, saying you should never quit on a team. But was he that wrong? I mean what has this come to? This franchise is a complete disaster, and there is no reason it will get any better.  I truly believe it is only a matter of time that AJ asks to get out. A man can only take so much, and this may have been it. There is simply no way Marvin Lewis can survive this season, and sadly that means he will survive this season.

AJ Green grounding and pounding on Jaylen Ramsey was much more than what most people see. It was a message. Figure it, or I’m out.

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