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The Mick & Macura Beef Was a Peak Shootout Moment, True Cincinnatians Should Love It

micky babt.jpg

Quintessential Mick

By: Alex Marcheschi

I lived in New Jersey for a while and, much to my roommates’ chagrin, I exposed them to the The Crosstown Shootout and the concept of raw, unadulterated hatred. Pro sports dominate the culture on the east coast, especially in Jersey. It’s hard for New Jerseyans to even fathom caring about college sports as much us Midwesterners do. Out there they have beaches, bars that are open until 4 am, world class entertainment a train ride away, the Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, etc. They don’t care about college basketball because there’s no reason for them to. We don’t have those things here. Sports basically run our lives. The Shootout means bragging rights for an entire year, a green light to flame your friends on sight and sound sleep for a few weeks.

I didn’t go to UC, so my NJ friends didn’t understand why I lived and died with Bearcats basketball. But that’s just because they didn’t grow up here. I was in physical altercations over the UC-XU rivalry as a child, I’ve nearly lost friends over it and I know for a fact I’ve lost some readers on this blog over it. I’m dialing it back online for the sake of everyone’s sanity, but the heat of the rivalry still burns deep in my heart. That’s why I absolutely loved what went down between JP Macura and Mick Cronin yesterday.

Here’s a CliffNotes version of what happened: Mick claims Macura told him to fuck off three times during the game, Mick then asked JP if he wanted a piece of him after the game and JP told him to suck his dick. Pretty damn funny. Here’s how both coaches described it after the game:

Mack got a little butthurt and brought up Lance Stephenson calling him the N-word eight years ago, which is honestly hysterical given the fact that Chris Mack is quite literally the whitest person on planet Earth. I had no problem with him bringing it up, in fact my life is better knowing that happened, but it doesn’t really affect anything that happened yesterday. Nice little nugget, but irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. And in actuality, so is the whole Mick vs Macura beef.

As I wrote a little bit ago, Macura is a master troll and he was 100% trying to get in Mick’s head. He succeeded. Mick Cronin took the bait because he is Mick Cronin. He’s a 5’7″ ginger pitbull fueled by an uncontrollable temper, which I can strongly relate to. It would be more shocking if Mick didn’t try to fight JP. If you’re surprised or offended by what happened yesterday, you’re not a true Cincinnatian.

What went down yesterday only confirms what we already knew: the Crosstown Shootout is the most heated rivalry in college basketball. We all actually hate each other on that day and sometimes for the weeks that follow it. The Crosstown Shootout is our baby, and no matter how much that baby cries, we’ll always love it. It was completely OK for JP to tell Mick to fuck off, it was OK for Mick to try to fight JP and it’s very funny that JP told Mick to perform felatio on him. I’m one of those idiots who values the Shootout more than tournament wins, so it stung to see my coach take the bait like that, but he did and I love him for it.

Mick is who we thought he was *Denny Green voice*. In some ways he’s the Marvin Lewis of UC basketball, and it sucks, but we’re stuck with him. What am I supposed to do? Act surprised? Act angry? No. That’s Mick being Mick and it’s what we signed up for. And for what it’s worth, I’ll take Mick in that fight no matter rain, sleet or snow.

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