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LeBron Has Officially Become Unstoppable With His Newfound Stepback Three


By: Alex Marcheschi

I have a complicated relationship with LeBron James. At one point in my life I had an unhealthy disdain for him, now he’s a demigod in my eyes. Without LeBron James, my life would be a lot worse. The fact that I can watch every single one of his games on FSN Ohio is so huge.

I grew up a Paul Pierce fan, and it eventually turned into a full fledged Celtics fandom when they added Rondo, KG and Ray. Naturally, this led to me disliking LeBron when he was on the Cavs. My little brother loved him, so I decided to hate him more to be a douche. Then, he created the Heatles and my hate flew off the rails. I lived with two LeBron fans in college and we argued about him too many times. Shortly after that, I got a side job writing about the Cavs for Yahoo! Contributor Network and, as a result, became a Cavs fan. Pierce was getting old, so I decided they would be my squad for the future. Kyrie was fun to watch. We all know what happened from there.

There I was, a LeBron hater, suddenly finding himself with LeBron on his team. What was I to do? Well, I buried the hatchet. I killed my hate. I took it to the mountaintop and released it into the Eastern wind. It flew away like a dove and set me free. Mine eyes had seen the glory. My life changed for the better.

Watching LeBron James play a few nights a week is a true blessing, especially this year. I say this because LeBron now has an unstoppable, go-to game winning weapon in his repertoire. The step-back, fadeaway three.

No one can guard it and he is unfathomably confident with it. Kyle Korver has been working with LeBron to develop his long ball ever since he arrived in Cleveland, and it’s clearly paying off. Here’s the aforementioned Paul Pierce talking about it.

First of all, T-Mac talking about buckling down on defense is hilarious. But back to the point, what McGrady and Pierce said is that you used to be able to force LeBron into a jumpshot and there was a decent chance he’d miss it. Now though, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Watching LeBron change his game as he gets older is a treat, and it’ll only continue to happen. The Cavs are riding a 13 game winning streak with IT, Tristan and Rose all coming back soon. It’s awesome, but the fact that LeBron might leave is lingering over this season like a thick fart in a sports bar. I have my nose plugs on though, and I’m smiling from ear to ear. Long live The King.

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