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Re-Signing Marvin Lewis Was The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back & The Bengals May Never Recover Their Fan Base

By: Tyler Dugan

I just simply don’t know how to express how I’m feeling. I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m annoyed, I’m disheartened, I’m deflated, but I’m not shocked. It’s weird. It’s like in college when you are struggling in a class, and you jokingly tell your friends like “yeah this class is hard I’m probably gonna fail” but in the back of your mind you know it’s only 3 weeks into the semester and you can kick into gear at anytime. Then as the semester goes on the grade doesn’t get any better and the reality starts to set in that you are going to fail. (Not that I have experienced this or anything). But that is what the last three weeks felt like. Literally three weeks ago I was at a buddies house in Florida with a group of friends and the news broke right before the Minnesota game that Marv was done after this year. We all were literally so happy. Actually celebrated it. It felt like a playoff win (not that any of us would have any clue what that feels like). Then as time went on the narrative started to shift and it just kept feeling this was going to happen.

I tweeted earlier as it was announced that it was a slap in the face to this city. It’s worse than that. Mike Brown dunked his old saggy nuts into a bowl of bleach and crammed them down our throats. After Dalton connected with Boyd it just seemed like a nice way to end Marvin Lewis. Going 7-9. With a nice win. Let Marv go on that. It’s just crazy. It’s not like they even had to fire him. Like he wasn’t even under contract. We could’ve just simply not invited him back. We actually re-signed him. Then the poor fella who is assigned to run the Bengals twitter account has to try to mush together some stats to make Marvin Lewis look good, which is almost impossible. He’s just having a bad day. I feel bad for guys like Carlos Dunlap, AJ, Geno, Gio, Andy and Iloka who have spent years here. Giving it their all. And won’t have any support from the fans this next year. And none of it is their fault.

I guess my biggest takeaway is they lost me. The Bengals truly lost me. I don’t think I will be able to come back from this. At least not under the reign of Mike Brown. I don’t think I will ever spend another dime on that organization. Not that me not spending money on the Bengals will affect them, but there was a time not so long ago that I couldn’t live without them. I wouldn’t dare miss a game. I went to 3-4 games a year. If they lost, it ruined my week. Now I’m over it. And I don’t know if that’s me growing up or if Mike Brown willed it out of me. Will I watch games still? Sure. Will I clap when they score? Sure. Will I root for them to win? Sure. But will I be upset if I miss a game? Probably not, and there was a time in my life I was upset if I missed a snap. Would I buy a ticket to a game? God no, I would go to a game if I was offered a free ticket to nice seats if the weather is nice.

Mike Brown has officially broken my spirit as a fan. Being a fan is about having hope. I have hope that the Reds can turn it around and one day I’m going to watch them dog pile on pitchers mound. I have hope that one day im going to see the Bearcats go to a final four.  I still believe that can happen.

I didn’t lose hope in the Bengals when Kemo Von Oelhoffen rolled into Carson’s knee in ’05. Or when Chris Henry and Odell Thurman couldn’t stay out of jail. I didn’t lose hope when Brad St. Louis botched the snap in Denver in ’06. I didn’t lose hope when they got embarrassed by Mark Sanchez at home in the playoffs. I didn’t lose hope when the Bengals gave Marv a three year extension after going 4-12. I didn’t lose hope when the Bengals lost to TJ Yates and Matt Schaub back to back years in the playoffs. Or when they gave up 200 rushing yards to Ronnie Brown, Danny Woodhead and Ryan Matthews in ‘13 playoffs. Or when we went into Pittsburgh got embarrassed on Sunday night football then got shit on by Indy in the first round of the playoffs the week after. Or when we had the ball and the lead with 90 seconds to go on our way to the coveted playoff win against the dreaded Steelers and found a way to lose. Or when we decided to keep Pac-Man on the roster after his one millionth arrest. Or when we let Zeitler and Whitworth walk to keep Dre Kirkpatrick (who is our most expensive but 4th best corner). Or when I noticed that 3 of our last 4 first round draft picks never get to play, and the one that does is literally terrible. Or when Vontaze Burfict got suspended for the umpteenth time. Or when they opened up the season looking wildly unprepared against Baltimore. Or when they blew the lead in Green Bay and Tennessee this year. Or when they were up 14 on Pittsburgh with their playoff hopes on the line they fell apart…. again. Or when they just didn’t show up vs Chicago and Minnesota.

I lost hope in the Bengals when Mike Brown looked the city of Cincinnati in the eyes, and told us that all of those above things were worthy of a 2 year extension.

Oh and make no mistake about it. Not all of those above things are all completely Marvin’s fault. But when that many things that I can literally name off the top of my head happen to one coach, it’s a sign. I don’t want to hear about what the Bengals were like before Marvin got here. That has nothing to do with anything. I don’t blame Marvin for taking the extension. I mean you just can’t pass that job opportunity up. You can be mad at Marvin for the lack of half time adjustments, or not having control of the team. But you can’t get mad at him for accepting the job. This is one hundred percent on the pathetic ownership. Stop caring about the Bengals folks because Hod knows the ownership doesn’t.

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