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Love Him or Hate Him, Nick Saban Has Built The Greatest Sports Dynasty of All Time

By: Tyler Dugan

What a wild ride that game was. If you are a gambler it was even more nerve-wracking, but it ended with a very familiar sight: the Tide rolling, again. Now, overall, I’m a fairly unbiased CFB fan. I root for the Bearcats, but they obviously aren’t contending for national titles. I have my beef with Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes. But that’s mostly because Urban faked a heart attack, because Tebow left and OSU fans are the worst. But overall I don’t really have a dog in the fight. It’s my favorite thing to watch. I LOVE college football. There is just something about it. It’s special. That brings me to this.

What Nick Saban has built at Alabama is the most impressive thing in sports history. It is the greatest dynasty in all of sports. Ever. No questions. Murderers row Yankees? Outta here. They had all the money in the world at the time. John Wooden’s UCLA? Nope, if you were over 6’7” and could walk while chewing gum you were more than an effective basketball player then, you were really good. The Pats? No. It’s taken 17 years to do this. Lemme set this straight. Alabama has won 5 national since 2009. FIVE. They have played for 6. And ya know what? If it wasn’t for the kick six and Ohio State’s major upset it’s hard to fathom the Tide not winning either of those. Think about this: they won in 09, with Mark Ingram. They didn’t get there in 2010 because of Cam Newton. They win back to back in 11 and 12. In 13 they go for a 3 peat if it wasn’t for the wildest play in CFB history. They have never missed a college football playoff. They have played for 3 titles in the last 4 years, winning 2, and losing the other at the last second. 2014 was their worst year in the last 9 years. They lost in the semifinals of the CFP.

You know a team is good when you just expect them to be in the championship. Like I literally don’t know what it’s like to not expect Alabama to be in the national championships. That doesn’t happen in any sport. Even the NFL. I mean the Patriots have played for 7 titles in 17 years under Bob, Bill and Brady. That’s wildly impressive. Saban has done almost the same thing in 10 years. Which is just straight up absurd.

And it’s not like other teams aren’t playing on the same playing field. There is no money involved (at least as far as we know). He gets the same amount of scholarships as other schools. Hell he has to recruit kids to come to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I mean what the hell is Tuscaloosa? It’s not like he gets to keep one QB for 17 years. Hell, it’s not like he even has the best QB or even close to it. He just builds one big great team. And they win. They get picked preseason number 1 every single year. Go into every single year with a target in the back. Hell, most of the time they are coming off winning a national title. But no hangover comes. They just win. They don’t make excuses. They don’t whine or complain. They rarely have to make a case for themselves to be in the playoff. They just go take care of business and move on.

You can hate him all ya want. And I get why Ohio State fans do. It’s the same reason the Bengals don’t like the Steelers or the Reds don’t like the Cardinals. Because we want to be them. The Tide just won again. And guess what, They are going to re-oil that machine and be well on their way again next year. They are the greatest dynasty in sports history…. and it isn’t close.

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