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The Culture II Hate Is Lazy, It’s Ignorant and It’s Low-Hanging Fruit

By: Alex Marcheschi

Very few things actually hurt my feelings these days, you could say I’m kind of a bad ass. I’m a ginger, so I’ve experienced rejection in its purest form many times, hell, sometimes I reject myself. Just the other day I was in a Marshall’s and happened to catch a glimpse of my entire body in one of those store mirrors and even I had to admit that I’d be disappointed if my hypothetical daughter presented me to myself as her fiance. I’d be like, “sweetie, you didn’t have to say yes.”

But, back to the point, nothing really hurts my feelings these days…except slander of my heroes. You can flame my ass all day, but the minute you start roasting one of my idols it’s over for you.

Twitter hasn’t been very fun for me these days. The Cavs are imploding and LeBron’s getting grilled from every angle like one of those pigs with an apple in its mouth. But, I was holding out hope because Culture 2 was coming out. “Surely this will bring joy onto my timeline,” I thought to myself. But sadly, I was wrong. It’s become the new hip thing to talk down on the Migos and I’m here to tell you this: it’s lazy, it’s low hanging fruit and it’s ignorant.

Talking shit about Culture 2 is like sending a steak back at Outback Steakhouse. What did you really expect? This isn’t Ruth’s Chris. Your chef sells dime bags out of his F-150 when his shift is over. The Migos are here to make bangers that you don’t have to think about. When a good Migos song comes on, you forget about your earthly shackles. They say the true mark of an expert is making it look easy, and that’s exactly what Migos does. They pump out anthems by seemingly exerting the same amount of energy a midieval king would use to shoo away a servant offering an eighth glass of wine.

As Harvey Dent once said, “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” and in today’s attention deprived society, Migos has apparently already lived long enough. I mean, look at these tweets:

One of the biggest complaints has been coming from the idea that people have “standards” when it comes to listening to rap. Really? Sorry for not taking my shoes off when I stepped into your diamond encrusted bathroom. You’re all out here tweeting from a golden toilet, but guess what fam? Your shit still stinks.

I love A$AP Mob, but saying they’re better than Migos is like saying the Celtics are coming out of the East this year. Did you forget who your daddy was? Do you know how big your nuts have to be to name your albums “Culture” and then actually go dictate the culture? Literally every single one of these bum ass lean drinking SoundCloud rappers would not even exist without Migos. They made this genre of “trap music” go mainstream.

Now, if you already didn’t like Migos, then you shouldn’t be allowed to shit on Culture 2. That would be like already hating Star Wars and then tweeting “the new Star Wars sucks.” Of course you think it sucks, you don’t like Star Wars. You don’t see Migos fans tweeting that the album sucks, we love it. If you’re a part of the “I can’t even understand Migos and all their songs sound the same” crowd, then take off your MAGA hat and go pick up your Vineyard Vines pullovers from the cleaners.

Their lyrics are absolutely hilarious and their rhythm can’t be replicated. Quavo actually said “she hit the line like London Fletcher” on this album. That line alone deserves a Grammy. If you haven’t listened yet because you’ve been seeing the album get flamed on the interwebs, please ignore the hate and play Culture 2 immediately. If you don’t feel like digging through the album, here are the songs you should start with: Narcos, BBO, Stir Fry, Crown The Kings, MotorSport, Notice Me, Too Playa and Made Men. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Long live Migos, and short live their haters. MOMMA!

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