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The Bengals Should Trade A.J. Green

By: Tyler Dugan

Okay, so I’m going to draft a very unpopular opinion. You probably aren’t going to like it, but promise to hear me out. The Bengals should trade A.J. Green come draft night.

What? Why? How? It’s actually pretty easy to think about. So what are the most important positions in football? I had a talk with a couple esteemed colleagues. Guys who played in grade school, high school, and a few who played D3 football. We came up with a pretty clean consensus. 1. Quarterback 2. Left Tackle 3. Corner 4. Pash rusher.

After that, I think the debate between linebacker, receiver, running back, and safety can be made, but I think the top 4 are pretty clear. The Bengals are pretty mediocre at all 4. QB, well, you know. Left tackle, we got Cordy Glenn, he will most likely play right, so that leaves left wide open. We do have a 50 million dollar corner, so you’d think we’d be solid there but NOPE. Dre Kirkpatrick is a complete pile of poop out there. William Jackson is nice, but not proven. I’d like better. Then pash rusher is okay. Lawson looks promising. Dunlap is good. That is the best of the four. Wouldn’t hurt to get another rotational guy to throw into the mix.

So that leaves some great great room for improvement, and let’s be honest how valuable is AJ Green? He’s really really good. Sometimes amazing. But valuable? To this current team? Mehhhh.

aj ghrizzy

Let me rattle off a list for you: DeAndre Hopkins. Antonio Brown. Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones. AJ Green. Mike Evans. I think a wide majority of people would say those are the top receivers in the NFL. At least on sheer talent, they are the best. Notice a theme. The teams? Not so good. The Texans might make the playoffs every now and then, but it’s because of their defense. The Steelers are good. The Steelers also have the best running back in the league, a hall of fame Quarterback, and a solid defense. Is AB really good? Yes. Does he make them better? Of course. Is he the center piece of the team? Absolutely not. Falcons are really good, but again when they went on the run to the super bowl, who won MVP? Matt Ryan. Who ran for over 1000 yards? Devonta Freeman. They had a young, really really good defense. They had a phenomenal OC. Julio was great, but he was the center piece. He wasn’t the main reason they went to the super bowl

My point in this is to not bash AJ Green. My point being is you can be a great team without a great wide receiver. The Seahawks proved that in the early part of this decade. The Eagles showed it this year. The Patriots show it every single year. The Chiefs were really good. The Titans made the playoffs. The Jags made the playoffs. The Rams made the playoffs. I don’t think any of them had top 10 receivers? Maybe even top 15, Tyreke Hill could be peaking, but he does so much else other than being a receiver.

Great wide receivers are a great thing to have, but they shouldn’t be the center piece of a team. Receivers are add ons to an already great team. You don’t build around them. The Bengals aren’t are a great team. The have major holes at major positions. So why keep Green? So he can show out in games in December on a 7-9 team? Stop.

If I’m the Bengals I’m finding the team that is already a good team. A team that may be just a really good wide receiver away, and floating A.J. out to them. Maybe call one of those teams I listed above. Offer AJ for a solid corner and a ton of draft picks. Get a couple for this year. Draft yourself  a good solid OT. A guy who is going to be a rock on the left side. Then piece together the rest of the O line. Or … look to move up, or feel out the rest of the draft to take a QB, or wait for Lamar Jackson to fall to you later on?


The options are really unlimited because you have so many options, there are so many holes. Once you get the QB, send Andy to a team that had an injury or a bridge QB. Bada bing bada boom the Bengals have a new offensive line. With Joe Mixon being a work horse. John Ross running like hell on the outside. A good group of pash rushers with good corners. Mixed with Preston Brown and Tez? That’s a top defense in the league. With a new look offense with a good group of running backs, and speed on the outside. All of a sudden we are the Jags of 2017, and that’s a damn good football team.

I’m not saying A.J. Green is the reason the Bengals stink, he’s not. I’m saying the Bengals have so many holes that AJ Green can’t flourish. If they get rid of him, they can fill up some of those holes fairly quickly. Lose a great WR, but get a good QB, OT, CB because of it? I’m all in.


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