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What The Hell is Wrong With The Reds?

By: Tyler Dugan

What in the hell is going on with the Reds? Well, my dear lady, a whole helluva lot. They stink, I didn’t think they would stink, but they do. How?

Well, there are a few obvious things. Billy Hamilton, which every single breathing person in Cincinnati knows, stinks. The guy can’t hit. He couldn’t hit a beach ball with a paddle. On top of that, Adam Duvall has been terrible. Adam Duvall is a worse version of Todd Frazier, and lemme tell ya something folks, that isn’t good. The pitching has been inconsistent. Castillo has been very underwhelming. Mahle was good once and bad once. The bullpen has been even more inconsistent. They need David Hernandez to get healthy (the guy they signed in the offseason). Kevin Quackenbush has been god awful, and you cant expect much from a fella with a name like Quackenbush.


Gallardo was atrocious for the 4 days he was on the club. But enough about whats gone wrong, I’m here to tell you how they can turn this shit around. Spoiler alert: I’m not going to give the cliche fire Bryan Price speech. (Although he should probably be fired.)

First thing first: Billy Hamilton must be done. He isn’t good, he has never been good, and never will be good. He has a good glove and is fast, la di fricken da. A .170 avg with a .290 OPB. BAD. Second, stop with Adam Duvall. He should rarely start if at all. .160 with a .280 OPB. Also bad. Those two have essentially been absolute 0’s. Automatic outs.

Next, make Amir Garrett a starter NOW. Right now. Get Sal Romano out, insert Amir Garrett. He should’ve been a starter outta spring, he’s been very good out of the bullpen so far. Let the boy start. Lastly, if you are going to keep Price for the rest of the year insert someone in the dugout with some in game savvy. Similar to the way I think Marv should have someone on the sidelines reminding him when to call a timeout. Price should have a guy reminding him like “hey, don’t pinch run Winker because we could pinch hit him for Ervin the next batter.” or “hey don’t bunt one of our better hittters (Barnhart) to bring up our worst hitter (Billy) with RISP.”

Maybe he does have that guy, that guy should be fired because he stinks. Lastly, and probably most importantly, the better guys have to be better. Suarez and Schebler being hurt has been tough, but there is no excuse for some guys. Yeah, I’m looking at you Votto and Castillo. Votto has been tough, I’m sure he will flip it around, but this team needs him now. Castillo was better in his last start, but it needs to be better.

There have been some bright spots. If you would’ve told me three weeks ago that Homer would be as good as he has, and Scooter has been as good as he has been, I would’ve told you this team would be .500 at least. I thought they were the two biggest question marks going into this year, they have been very good.

I still stand by the fact that this team is NOT this bad. I still can’t comprehend them being 2-13. Every single game they find a way to lose. Have been right there multiple times. Baseball is a long season. They can still make this season productive, but it has to start soon. They aren’t going to make the playoffs, we knew that going into this year, but anticipated to see improvement in some areas, we haven’t. These guys have to start showing that they care. They are losing this city, if they haven’t already, and that sucks. Because 2010-2013 were a fun time to be here, mostly because the Reds were good. It is startling how they got this bad this fast.

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