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News Flash: With Price Gone, We Still Have No Talent, Let’s Go Get Girardi

By: Tyler Dugan

My morning started out wonderful, I popped my tire on the highway. There I was, freezing my ass off, doing what I can on a Thursday morning. While waiting for Triple A I check twitter, and there it was. My faith in humanity restored. The Reds fire Bryan Price.

thank god.gif

Now let’s set some things straight. You haven’t been paying attention to this organization if you think Bryan Price was the biggest problem. On the list of issues with the Reds I’m not sure he even ranked in the top 5. Bryan was given a shitty hand. He had one team that he had a chance to win with (2014) and that team was ripped with injuries. After that they ripped this thing apart, and tried to start over. They didn’t do a great job, everyone blames Dick Williams, which doesn’t make sense because Walt Jockety was the GM during all of shit. Jockety put the Reds in this position. Multiple bad drafts in a row. Got fleeced on a couple trades, and having no player development help in the minors. Bryan Price was doomed from the start, so for that I feel bad for him. BUT, and it’s a big but, he did not help himself out. He made a lot of very head scratching decisions. He once dropped like 94 F bombs in a post game interview talking about Devin Mesoraco. Last year he used Michael Lorenzan all the time as a pinch hitter, he acted like Lorenzan was a 340 hitter. His in game decisions were often bad, so I’m ok with firing him.

Let me make myself very very very clear. THIS CHANGES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Bryan Price was not going to coach the Reds next year regardless of what happened this season. This season was all about poll vaulting into contention for next year. Nothing about firing Bryan Price makes us look better for the future. Firing Bryan Price doesn’t change this team being 3-15. Bryan Price leaving isn’t going to bring Billy Hamilton’s average above .200 (hopefully the new guy doesn’t play Billy). It isn’t going to stop Duvall striking out. It is going to make José Peraza walk. It isn’t going to make Suarez and Schebler healthy. It isn’t going to make the pitching talent any better. And that is my biggest point. It doesn’t change the talent on this team, and we are finding out it isn’t very good. Former first round pick Alex Blandino has been really bad. Cody Reed can’t throw strikes. The staring pitchers, outside of Homer, can’t get past the 5th inning. Bryan Price leaving doesn’t really change that.

Will the new guy manage better? Sure. Will the new guy light a fire under the guys? Maybe. Will the new guy a different energy to the worst team in baseball? I hope so. But this new guy isn’t going to change the biggest issue, that is the lack of talent. These guys are who they are. They could get better, but they need to develop. Hopefully the new guy can bring it along quicker and give a new voice, but in reality, talent is talent. And the reds have a talent issue.

People call into Cincinnati radio shows saying “Bryan Price needs to go cause people don’t play hard for him!!!” Or “This team as no energy!!” Or “these young guys need to hear a new voice!” And that all maybe true, but only one thing gets wins, and that’s talent. This team isn’t really close. So don’t expect Jim Riggleman to come in as the intern and this team to rattle off 11 straight wins. Are they going to win? Sure! It’s a 162 to game season, eventually the law of averages is gonna weigh out. This team is going to get 65 wins regardless of who is coaching.

Firing Bryan Price was the correct move. It was needed, but it isn’t going to change a lot of things. It wasn’t the biggest reason this team was losing

Moving on… who is going to replace the Price? They have Riggleman as the intern, he won’t be long term. I’m sure they will look at a bunch of guys, but it seems pretty obvious the 3 big names are going to be Barry Larkin, Joe Girardi, and John Farrell.

We will start with Larkin. He is going to be the favorite. The entire city wants him. I’m not sold. It’s not that I think Barry will be bad. I think he would be ok. He would bring energy, I just don’t think they would win a lot. Again, that whole lack of talent thing, hasn’t really changed much. So unless this team pays Bryce 500 million this offseason it ain’t gonna change. I would hate to see the great name of Barry Larkin be tarnished because of he inherited a really bad team. I would hate for this city to turn on him because of that.

Next, John Farrell. Farrell currently works for the Reds as like a consultant or something like that. He coached the Res Sox last year, coached them to the 2013 WS. Was let go because of the bad managing in the playoffs the last 2 years. Again, wouldn’t hate it, just wouldn’t love it. He isn’t a big splash. I don’t think he would move the needle.

Last big name. Joe Girardi. This is the guy I want. Girardi has been in the brightest of lights. Coaches the Yankees for a decade or so. Won it all in 09. Then had to start from scratch. Girardi took that tens last year that wasn’t supposed to be great, and had them 1 win away from the World Series. He has an experience with running a team. He has had to coach a group of young guys. He had those young guys win. Girardi has to be livid about how he was let go in New York. I think he wants his shot back. He wants to prove the Yankees wrong. The national media wrong. What better way to do that then to take over the worst team in baseball and have them in the playoffs within 2 years. I believe Girardi is the smartest choice.

Overall, it will be awhile before anything is announced. They have to finish this season. Regroup, and go from there. For now this team needs to start compiling wins.

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