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Ty Lue Isn’t a Bad Coach, In Fact He’s a Better Coach than Steve Kerr

By: Alex Marcheschi

I have to get something off my chest: Steve Kerr is not a genius and Ty Lue is not an idiot. Feels good, now let me explain. The media/Twitter slobs all over Kerr’s knob as if he’s basketball’s Albert Einstein, as if he invented some revolutionary style of basketball. That’s simply not true, what he did is find himself with the largest surplus of talent the NBA has ever seen. He saw the talent he had and said, “ok, these pieces present me with a very logical and easy to recognize playing style, so this is how we’ll play.” Literally anyone who considers themselves a big basketball fan could coach these Warriors to the Finals and that is no exaggeration.

If Ty Lue and Kerr swapped roles, the Warriors would be just as good and the Cavs would be worse. Steve Kerr couldn’t handle the stresses of Lue’s jobs, Kerr throws temper tantrums and cries over the most basic of problems. Ty Lue is constantly juggling flaming swords, every decision he makes has huge consequences. He has to keep LeBron happy, keep ownership happy and keep the GM happy all while working with the third oldest and slowest team in the league. The Warriors have four players who can go get a bucket with world class skill, and a handful more role players who can be heavily relied upon. Ty Lue has LeBron, Kevin Love every other game, Korver every three games and JR every four games to rely on.

What more could Ty Lue really do right now? The last time he had a roster even comparable to the Warriors’, he beat them in seven games and outcoached Kerr for the second half of the series. That’s a fact.

ty lue1.jpg

The way we rank coaches in the NBA is so stupid it hurts my head. Ty Lue could be doing what Brad Stevens is doing with the Celtics right now, that is an extremely skilled and explosive young team with absolutely no pressure on them. Let’s not forget it took Stevens 7 games to beat the Joe Prunty led Milwaukee Bucks.

When Lue had Kyrie, Love and LeBron vs. The KD-less Warriors, he beat them. Plain and simple. No coach and team that has ever existed could beat this Warriors team. Not Pop with his best Spurs team, not Phil with the Lakers or Bulls, not Auerbach with his squads, nobody. I’d even venture to say those aforementioned coaches would also be down 2-0 to the Celtics in Lue’s position right now.

The Ty Lue slander is ignorant, and so is the Kerr praise. Each of them are simply making the best of their situation, and Kerr has had the easiest head coaching path in the history of pro sports. I mean seriously, what could Kerr possibly do with this Cavs roster that’s better than what Lue is doing now? Ty Lue is easily a top head coach in the NBA, and no active coach would be doing any better with this current Cavs roster.

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