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The Kid Cudi We Once Feared Gone Forever Has Beautifully Returned with “Kids See Ghosts”

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The most anticipated hip hop album of the summer dropped this morning, and it lives up to the hype. With Kids See Ghosts, Kid Cudi has triumphantly returned to our ear drums with his signature humming melodies, smooth bars and heavenly vocals. On this album, Kanye is unchained, like a rabid pitbull who was once chained up to a 7/11 fence but is now running rampant through the store searching for pepperonis. It’s the album GOOD Music fans never thought would actually happen and it’s magical. Let’s dip into it song by song.

The album opens  up with “4th Dimension”,  which features a surprising Pusha T verse over Kid Cudi yelling “I can still feel the  love!!” repeatedly to open the song. Then, after  Push’s verse, Kanye just starts yelling “Brrrattattat”  and other insane sounding noises until Kid Cudi comes back in to tell us that he can still feel the love. Starting the album like this is like waking up and slamming an RBV and then  firing up a four wheeler and whipping it through a field of thornbushes.

“Kids See Ghosts” opens up with Kanye saying “I love all your shit talking” and then he rips off a verse that sounds like he had his chest puffed  out the entire time he was rapping it. Cudi then comes in and the song takes on a sort of  strange military marching  vibe and Cudi matches the beat’s tempo with introspective rhymes. Great song.

Cudi Montage is the ultimate Kanye and Cudi collaboration, we have an obsure, yet extremely fire sample from Kanye (OoooOhhOoo What is Santa bringing?), hilarious lyrics and wordplay from Ye (she said I’m in the wrong hole, I said I’m lost), a bridge that features the most ghoulish laugh you’ve ever heard and Cudi floating down from the ether to bless the track with a rhythmic serenade channeling his 2010 self. I’m not even going to lie, I shed a tear the first time I heard this song. It’s exactly what I was hoping for when they announced this album.

If My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus had a baby, and then Man on The Moon: End of Day and Mr. Rager had a baby and those two  babies met and fuuucked *Saul Silver voice*, you’d get “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)”.  The common theme of all this new GOOD Music seems to be escaping pain and attaining  freedom, and this song an anthem for exactly that. At one point Kanye yells, “you  should quit your job to this!! !”, which introduced Cudi who repeatedly exclaims “I don’t  feel pain anymore, guess what babe, I am freeeee.” Perfect.

“Feel The Love” opens with Cudi’s signature soothing humming, only for him to come  in and exclaim “I’m so, I’m so reborn. I’m movin’ forward, keep movin’ forward. Ain’t  no stress on me Lord!” It’s beautiful. Kanye then opens up about what being called “insane” made him feel like in a short verse and Cudi  finishes off the song singing about how peace begins with himself, it’s the  type of Cudi you dream about hearing. The type of Cudi some feared they’d never  hear again.

“Fire” begins with Mos Def  and then an uber relaxed sounding Mr. Mescudi drips on  in and tells us about how he’ s always searching for the truth. All of this sets the  table for one of the best Kanye verses ever, he even tells us how hard it was to  come up with by saying “well, it took me long enough to rap on this strong enough … Got  a Bible by my bed, oh yes I’m very Christian, constantly repenting cuz yes, I never  listen.” Mos Def finishes the  rack off with a few bars about civilization.

And finally, “Reborn” features Kid Cudi rapping over an old Kurt Cobain  guitar riff and eventually turns into a classic humming serenade by Cudder.  Kanye turns in a very serious verse about gun violence,  saying “everybody want world  peace, til your niece get shot in the domepiece.” It’s a shockingly honest verse  that ends with Kanye repeatedly begging “Lord, shine your light on me, save  me please.”

This album is what happens when friends put their petty differences aside and get together to live in truth. These are two guys who have been very open about their struggles with mental illness, and it’s extremely refreshing to hear them address the topic together. There has never been a more perfect hip hop combo than Kanye and Kid Cudi, and they gave us an eternal treat with “Kids See Ghosts”.

EDIT: There seems to be some confusion about the track titles, this blog has the songs titled as Spotify and Apple Music do, but it seems like these should be the actual track titles:

Listen on Spotify here


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  1. Esteemed Writer & Critic,

    “And if I die before I wake
    I pray the Lord, my soul, to take
    But please don’t cry
    Just know that I have made these songs for you”

    This is the essence of Kid Cudi.

    However, I do think President Bush, 43, cares about all people. Kanye must have been having a tough day, it happens to all of us. A Kat-5 hurricane doesn’t help matters much either.

    I think Marky-Mark rapped it best:

    “Black, white, red, brown
    Feel the vibration”

    Kha-C’Mon Swing It Puppy People!

    Much Love & Two Fingers,

    Big Puppy


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