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The Marvin Lewis Led Bengals Continue To Be Frauds

By: Tyler Dugan

The Bengals, again, did what they do best. Laid another egg on national tv.

2 weeks ago I saw a plethora of tweets complaining that the Bengals weren’t getting “enough national attention!” Or “too low in the power rankings.” They got “no respect” nationally. And since then we have seen why.

The Bengals continue to be what they have been the entire Marvin Lewis era – a group of frauds. They have their moments, which often come in September at home, rather than late December on the road, but in the end they will always be who we know them to be. Frauds.

In the last 2 weeks the Bengals, yet again, had their chance to get respected. They had their chance to show that they were real, and yet again, they withered away. Per usual.

The Pittsburgh game, a chance to grab the division by the balls. A chance to show that WE ARE FORREAL. On our field, with the better team. And when they grabbed the 1 point lead with a minute left you all but knew it was over, but not in a good way. This was a real time group chat between my family seconds after Mixon scored.

dugan text

I mean cmon?! It was almost too perfect. My brother Matt and my dad were at the game. That is immediately what they sent after Mixon scored. They didn’t give the people around a high five  .  And that was exactly how the majority of Cincinnati felt, the Bengals were going to let us down again. And they did, again. We were left with nothing but us complaining about the refs and trying to defend Vontaze Burficts idiocracy. Sound familiar? Us whining about the refs, Vontaze being an idiot, bengals blowing a late lead to the Steelers, who woulda thunk it?

Then we get to this week. Prime time. The hot and sexy Kansas City Chiefs. A chance to shine in the spotlight, and try to get back on track, and to show the world who the real Bengals were. They did just that. The offense mustered 200ish yards agaisnt the worst defense in the league. To say the defense was awful would be a severe understatement. They got embarrassed… again. Per the norm. We had all the stuff we usually get with the Bengals in primetime. Bengals punting inside the 50. A dalton pick 6. Dropped passes. Dre Kirkpatrick doing what Dre Kirkpatrick does (sucking). Penalties. We even had Al Michaels bring up how we drafted John Ross the pick before Mahomes! Oh, and don’t forgot Vontaze twisting more ankles.

So again, here we are… disappointed… again. I’m here to tell you, stop caring. Because it is mightily refreshing. For the first time in a long time, I was not upset after a Bengals loss to the Steelers. And it was pretty nice. I laughed. It was nice. Basically after the bengals resigned Marvin I told myself the Bengals were no longer worth my energy. I watch the games. I make my comments about the games and Dre Kirkpatrick’s awfulness. But once the game is over I’m done. I don’t let the loss eat at me like I used to. I used to lose sleep. I used to talk about how they can turn things around, how they can make adjustments. How they can win in the playoffs. I don’t waste my energy anymore. Because they aren’t worth it.

I went into tonight with about as low as expectations as you could have. I never, for one second believed the bengals could win this game Sunday night. And guess what, they never for second could have won that game. It wasn’t close.

I’m not telling you to not being a fan. It’s okay to still cheer when they win. It’s okay to be upset when Dre gets beat on 3rd and 6 for the 5th time. I’m telling you to let go. As hard as it might be, the Bengals aren’t worth your best, they are hardly worth your worst. So when they lose. Don’t saunter around pissed off. Go throw 50 on the over of the next game you see, and forget about the loss because the Bengals aren’t worth your energy. Don’t go defending our dumb ass linebackers bullshit antics. Because he isn’t worth it. He is a punk, who continues to put himself in the same situation over and over again. And guess what, he’s not worth defending!! Why? Probably because he isn’t a good linebacker, he’s actually a bad one. And he constantly does this stuff. He constantly has to be in the middle of some controversey. So don’t waste your time at work this week defending him twisting Kareem’s ankle because Vontaze is a POS. It’s ok to admit that. It’s ok to admit that he is a thug that is a dirty ass player.

The Bengals are owned by a fat sloppy billionaire who consistently pisses in the face of the people of Cincinnati. He always will. The bengals are lead by a spineless coward who has an empty sack dangling between his two legs. He is nothing but a muppet for the fat sloppy billionaire. He has zero control of the team that he is attempting to run. He has no guts to make tough decisions. The players are a bunch of uncontrolled morons who continue to make the same mistakes. They have zero intestinal fortitude. They play with the same lifeless action that their owner and coach feed them. Cowards. That is who they are.

So stop giving them your time of day. If they win, smile, take it for what it is. But that is all it is. It is one win. Most likely against some other mediocre franchise at 1pm on a Sunday. That’s all it ever will be. But they aren’t going to shock us. They will always be the Bengals. Are we going to compete for a playoff spot? Sure. But do you actually think this team is going to win the division? If so you are lost. (Still have to go to Pitt and Baltimore). So when this doesn’t win the division, they will be forced to go on the road to win in playoffs. So you think they could win in Pittsburgh, New England, Houston/Jax, or KC in the playoffs? Hahahaha don’t kid yourself. This team is the same as every other one.

So when the Bengals beat the mediocre Buccaneers at 1 o clock at home next week by 25 take it with a grain of salt because it means nothing.

Get high on the wins. But don’t get down on the lows because with the bengals that is what they are going to leave us with. Cowards.

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