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Turning Down Women and Beating People Up: The DaBaby Way

DaBaby has worked his way into the mainstream rap scene with his rhymes about beating people up, turning down women and looking pretty. Listening to his music has the same effect of quickly consuming a bucket of Corona Extras and finding a 20 dollar bill on the ground. His latest album, “Kirk” is his first album to contain a plethora of features from mainstream rappers such as Nicki Minaj, Migos, Gucci and Chance, among others. This will likely be the album that vaults him into the upper echelon of living rappers. He even claims to be the best rapper alive on this album, which has very strong 2005 Lil Wayne energy. 

His ability to concisely make a point is uncompromised, take “PROLLY HEARD” off of “Kirk” for example. He starts the song starts off by exclaiming, “prolly heard I was broke from a broke *****, prolly heard I’m a hoe from hoe.” Now, that could be in Webster’s as the example sentence for “Hypocrite.”

There’s something especially intriguing about his pleads for women he’s not interested in to stop contacting him, it’s hilarious. We’re used to rappers bragging about how girls line up to hookup with them, but DaBaby flips conventionality on it’s head by saying things like “Baby bougie, he be turning down all kinds of hoes.” It’s reminiscent of his now legendary and viral verse on “Under The Sun” with J. Cole and Lute where he exclaims: “I remember back in college, bitches knocking on my dorm door, I ain’t never let em in…now you that that’s cap, now I hit a few.”–jAlM

His current vibe is very reminiscent of the “this dick ain’t free” Kendrick Lamar era, but with less nuance and more testosterone. The best song on “Kirk” is “THERE HE GO”, a song that Twitter user @Yamscasino described as sounding “like when fat villains be tip toeing in cartoons.”


DaBaby begins by stating, “you know I ain’t ever had shit, now I’m somewhere in a meeting getting my ass kissed by a white man because his daughter fucks with my ad libs.” Now, that’s funny. He also says “if a fat bitch knows how to get money, I’ll fuck a fat bitch” on this song, which is so dreadfully honest you can’t help but respect it. 

DaBaby serves as a reminder that there is no force in modern society is more powerful than confidence backed up by success and factualness. For him to simply state that a white man in corporate American is kissing his ass in a meeting because his daughter likes his music is amazing. I completely believe that anecdote and the image is hysterical. There’s nothing more refreshing than hanging out with someone who truly tells it like it is. You have to have a friend like DaBaby in your circle, as I get older I appreciate people who don’t sugarcoat things. 

And we have to admit that some of his recent success definitely stems from the fact that his name is “DaBaby”, because as Buddy The Elf would say, “that’s fun to say.” His verse on Lil Nas X’s “Panini Remix” was great and if he continues to work his way into the mainstream scene, he just might end up as one of the greats. 

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