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Would You Rather Be Effortlessly Attractive and Poor, or Ugly and Rich?

Would you rather be effortlessly attractive and ripped while living paycheck to paycheck (to the point where an unexpected car repair becomes a big problem) for your whole life, or comfortably rich, ugly and doughy? The answer isn’t an obvious as you’d initially think. Let me paint you a picture. 

Look back, if you can, to a time when you were at an upscale or moderately nice restaurant. This is one of the few environments when the average plebian can intermingle with the disproportionately rich. Your special anniversary dinner you’ve been saving for is a regular Thursday for Geoffrey, Elizabeth and their children. 

Picture this: Geoffrey’s clearly rich family inhabits the table next to you at said nice restaurant, the males dressed in Brooks Brothers and custom Apple Watch bands, females trying their best to capture Hannah B from The Bachelorette’s look. Except there’s one problem: they’re ugly. They’re trying their best to be attractive, and the money helps, but deep down they know that if you took the average homeless person off MLK and gave them a week at a spa and a $500 Amazon gift card, they’d instantly look better than them. They’re the type of people who need to know when a picture is being taken, a bad angle could ruin everything.

However, when they go home, the pantry is stocked with delicious treats, their entertainment options are endless (HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.), great showers, central AC, great wardrobes, nice cars, wonderful weekend plans. They have it all, but they just don’t necessarily enjoy doing all of these wonderful things in the meat suit they’re stuck in. Something feels off. 

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the stunningly handsome man in front of you at UDF who just got done with a solid days work at an auto body shop. He has somehow managed to look like Matthew McConaughey without even trying to, while the rich man from the restaurant has been striving for this look for years. The rich man has dumped thousands of dollars into skin care products, meal plans and workouts, but he’ll never look like the guy in front of you at UDF. 

UDF guy goes home to a wonderful wife who is also returning from an honest day’s work, and she’s genuinely beautiful. They’re kids attend a local public school and the family doesn’t have much debt. The kids are better at sports than the rich guy’s kids are, and they’re working hard to try to attend college, but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. They do activities like sit around fires at night, go fishing and tailgate, but not attend, football games. They don’t have to try hard to stay in shape, because they eat good homecooked food and actually move when they work. When they post on social media, there’s no filter or editing. It just looks good naturally. 

What’s the price on that feeling these days? It may be priceless. The question essentially becomes this:

Would you rather be uncomfortable with your physical presence on earth, but have the funds to enjoy anything you’d like, or be so comfortable in your own skin that you truly don’t even think about it, but you live paycheck to paycheck and have to worry about how you’re going to make ends meet from time to time?

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