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Forget What Carson and Cowherd Say, Burrow Makes The Bengals Contenders Immediately

By: Tyler Dugan

Wooo baby, Corona has strung up some weird times, and has pushed me back into the blog game. This is a lengthy one so hang with me.

Are you ready? Because our football lives are about to change drastically. We are a mere two weeks away from Joseph Lee Burrow coming to Cincinnati and I can’t stop smiling.

Let’s make no mistake about it, Joe Burrow is the only correct choice.

For a while we had the Chase Young crowd which was mostly comprised of people who wear wife beaters, drink bang energy drinks and root for a team 90 miles north of Cincinnati.


Taking Chase Young is the worst option the Bengals could do. He was a zero in the playoff game against Clemson, why? Probably because you can game plan around a defensive end, it’s no secret. And spare the “his impact in the game doesn’t show in the stats.” If his impact involved giving up 400 total yards of offense and 30 points in a loss, I’ll pass. Khalil Mack and Von Miller are probably the best known pass rushers in the NFL, their teams stink because their QBs stink. That’s the argument against Chase Young. He may be great but Good Quarterback > Great Defensive End. Sorry Buckeye fans.

Then we had the Burrow doesn’t want to come to Cincinnati crowd. This was a feeble attempt by the main stream media who did nothing but grasp at straws making baseless claims to build story lines (they should’ve saved it for now when there are no sports). This was just flat out never true. Burrow’s dad denounced it, then at the combine Joe put it to bed himself. When he gets that call for #1, he’s coming.

THEN, we had the Joe Burrow is too good for Cincinnati talk. This shit sent me over the edge. “The Bengals don’t care about winning.” “The Bengals don’t spend money.” “The Bengals are one of the worst run franchises in the NFL.” Cowherd, Florio, Dan Patrick, and plenty other of the talking heads in the national media spit these claims that were just baseless and flat out lazy.

Let’s lay out the facts. Only eight (!!!) teams made the playoffs more than the Bengals the past decade. Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Texans, Packers, Saints, Seahawks. That’s a group of five hall of fame quarterbacks and then the three best young QBs in the NFL. THAT’S THE LIST. The Colts, Broncos, and Falcons tied the Bengals with five playoff appearances this decade. That means the Bengals made the playoffs more times this decade than TWENTY OTHER TEAMS. Yet, the national media will say you can’t win in Cincinnati.

“The Bengals don’t spend money” again, wrong. Up until this year you could say they don’t spend money in free agency which would’ve been a fair claim, but that narrative too seems to be (finally) changing. The Bengals, almost to a fault, spend money exclusively on guys they’ve drafted. Dalton, Green, Boyd, Atkins, Hopkins, Kirkpatrick, Burfict, Dunlap, Boling, Uzamah, Benard and the list could go on and on with recent players they’ve extended past their rookie deal. So, if you come to Cincinnati it’s not like they are going to short you. In fact, if you get drafted it’s probably your best shot to get resigned!

“The Bengals are the worst run franchise.” This stems from the beak of Carson Palmer. Who for some reason can’t seem to shut his mouth about the Bengals. Look, Mike Brown stinks, you don’t need to tell Cincinnati that. We know, he’s the cheapest owner in the NFL. Our stadium (that we paid for) is bland, we practice indoors at our non P5 college facility (go Cats), and he drives around his gator looking like a bag of oatmeal all day long.

We know. But holy shit, am I tired of hearing from Carson Palmer. I used to love Carson, but Jesus that man has twisted his Cincinnati narrative into something it just wasn’t. He claims the Bengals didn’t care about winning and didn’t surround him with winning players. From ’05-’09, Carson played with the two best lineman in Bengals history not named Munoz (Anderson and Whitworth). He had two all pro caliber receivers plus Chris Henry (RIP) when he wasn’t in jail. He had Rudi Johnson who for three straight years rushed for 1300 yards or more. He had one of the most talented young defenses in the NFL. His first year starting (’04) they went 8-8. In ’05 they win the division and if it was for Kemo Von Oelhoffen that team was a legitimate Super Bowl contender. ’06 they are a bad snap in Denver and OT loss in the last two weeks from going back to the playoffs…finished 8-8. ‘07 they had a down year, 7-9. ‘08 Palmer gets hurt after four games and they go 4-11-1. ‘09 order is restored they win the division. 2010 the wheels fall off, they stink, Carson demands a trade or retires. He leaves and the Bengals go on five straight playoff runs…. hmmm. Was it perfect? No, but Carson acts like they were the fricken Browns. He had plenty of good teams here that he could’ve won much more with. He didn’t, and constantly plays the blame game. Keep your mouth shut Carson.

The truth is, as much as we don’t want to admit it, the Bengals have been pretty respectable in NFL terms. This is all without having a true great talent at quarterback, which you need have to win in January.

All of this chatter leads me to this. Joe Burrow is perfect for Cincinnati. Joe Burrow brings a culture and swagger that this city is dying to have. A city that hates the bright lights, the big moments because it never seems to go right, Joe Burrow thrives in that.

@ Texas week 2 – Top 10 matchup, college Gameday, ABC Primetime, Herbstreit & Fowler, McConaughey – 471 yards, 4 touchdowns and a dagger TD throw late.

@Bama – LSU’s house of hell, never get over the hump, embarrassed by them last year – 393 yards, 3 touchdowns.

Georgia SEC championship – best defense he’s seen – 349 yards, 4 touchdowns.

Oklahoma, College football playoff – coming off the Heisman win, eyes on him – 497 yards, 8 total touchdowns – the most dominating performance these eyes have seen.

Clemson, national championship – The best team he’s seen, in the Superdome, all of Louisiana behind him, down early, breaks his rib mid game – 463 yards 6 total touchdowns. Do I need to say more? When the lights are brightest, Joe is best.

Lastly, when he does put on his helmet, he makes the Bengals an immediate playoff contender. Don’t listen to the Cowherd tell you the Bengals aren’t talented. He and the rest of the mainstream media don’t pay attention to the Bengals. They don’t know the talent that is here.

“THE LINE IS SO BAD!” Well I’ll agree, it’s certainly not good, but it’s improving and there are facts to prove it. The first eight games from last year, we gave up 29 sacks and had 476 rushing yards. The last eight? 19 sacks, 1041 rushing yards. You think maybe, just maybe, it took some time to adjust to ZT’s scheme? For the line to gel? To plug in the right pieces? Oh, and we are getting our first round draft pick (and highest graded lineman in the draft) from last year back. That’s going to improve things greatly.

Draft an interior lineman and dare I say the line could be good? Also, Joe doesn’t need the line that Andy needs, in fact he’s almost better when things break down, Russell Wilson like. Don’t take my word for it, there’s proof:

See how he moves in the pocket? Avoids the rush. Eyes down field. He doesn’t just escape and throw the ball away which was Andy’s go to move. Joe makes bad lines look okay because he can manipulate the defense.

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