Shady Aftermath: The Crosstown Brawl

*Disclaimer, I am an avid Bearcats fan, but will try my best to keep this article as unbiased as possible. Comments are encouraged. The 2011 Crosstown Shootout was an embarrassment to the city […]

CP3 or Dwight? The Laker Debate

              It appears that the NBA has recently entered the “super team” era. Many, if not most, of the leagues best players are seeking to, or have already, formed alliances. When LeBron held primetime […]

If the NFL were the “Rap Game”

    Chris Johnson would be Lil Wayne – Not only because they look similar, but because they perform similarly. In the past, Lil Wayne has sounded great, and Johnson has played great. Recently Lil Wayne […]

Not so Happy Valley

     Penn State has recently been rocked by a child sexual abuse scandal. Long time Nittany Lion Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky (far left) has been charged for sexually abusing eight teenage boys. […]

NFL Week Nine: What We Learned

    1. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP – Mike Wilbon tweeted, “Isn’t Aaron Rodgers as good as Favre ever was…without the drama? Nobody is close to Rodgers for NFL MVP.” […]