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Category: college football

Hey Michigan Fans, Come Get Your Mans

By: Alex Marcheschi They say “don’t meet your heroes,” well thanks to the miracle that is social media, Michigan fans have met theirs. Yet, somehow, instead of being concerned that […]

The Real Top 16: Enter #MACtion

By: Adam Bross I’ve decided to give you a few more definitions with the release of the first College Football Playoff Rankings that will help you to argue and bicker […]

The Real Top 16: Boise Back?

By: Adam Bross #16 Boise State Broncos, 7-0 (3-0, MW) Def. BYU 28-27 Boise State is undefeated and has run into some quality opponents along the way despite sitting in […]

The Real Top 16: Houston is Still Good

By: Adam Bross There are no rules which need establishing this week.  A picture has been painted of how we do things around here and that pretty little picture makes […]

The Real Top 16: The Aggies Tho…

Before we begin to delve too deeply into this article, let’s establish another rule which we had no need to establish last weekend because, well, it involves the rankings which […]