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Category: comedy

South Carolina is Warning Its Citizens of Impending Lizardman Sightings During The Total Solar Eclipse

Something tells JerryAnytime that The Lizardman is not to be trifled with…


Who is PFT Commenter?

By: Alex Marcheschi If you have a functioning brain and pay attention to sports media, you’ve undoubtedly heard the name “PFT Commenter”. Whether he’s flaunting his hard nips with his […]

I Want to Fight Richard Sherman

By: JerryAnytime SEAHAWKS.COM — Richard Sherman could barely walk off the field after the effort he gave playing five quarters of football and 90-plus snaps in this past Sunday night’s […]

College Gameday Drinking Game: Week 7

By: Adam Bross College Gameday Drinking Game: Week 7 To Start: Take a drink for each person wearing a black suit coat. My Friend Game: One person is designated “My friend”. […]

Josh Gordon: Idiot or Scientist?

By: Nick Boeing Josh Gordon comes in third when you talk about current NFL dumbasses. Only Johnny Manziel and Justin Blackmon, who you might’ve forgotten about, top Gordon if you […]