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Category: music

‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ Is The Tyler, The Creator Album For Tyler, The Creator Haters

Tyler, The Creator’s new album will win over his most staunch haters if they simply give it a chance.


Did Gucci Mane Just Save My Life?

By: Alex Marcheschi Last week I happened to see this Gucci Mane interview from Highly Questionable: Dawg this is great Deacon Gucci talking about how he faced his mental illness […]

Is There a Drake v Chance Beef Brewing?

  By: Alex Marcheschi There are many things that I’m embarrassed about in this life. I can’t make contact with a wiffle ball using one of those skinny yellow bats. […]

The Glass Animals’ New Album is Too Niiiiice

By: Alex Marcheschi I just started delving into this kind of music last summer, so I’m admittedly a n00b when it comes to Indie Rock/Whatever-the-Glass-Animals-are. “Gooey” is the first song […]