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Category: music

Is There a Drake v Chance Beef Brewing?

  By: Alex Marcheschi There are many things that I’m embarrassed about in this life. I can’t make contact with a wiffle ball using one of those skinny yellow bats. […]

The Glass Animals’ New Album is Too Niiiiice

By: Alex Marcheschi I just started delving into this kind of music last summer, so I’m admittedly a n00b when it comes to Indie Rock/Whatever-the-Glass-Animals-are. “Gooey” is the first song […]

Is Lil Uzi Vert the Next Bo Jackson?

By: Alex Marcheschi Her – come overLil Uzi Vert – I’m performing at a music festival right now Her – I’m home alone — Ridiculousness Fans (@WeLoveRobDyrdek) August 17, […]