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Tag: LeBron

The Cavs Will Win the 2016 NBA Championship

Loyal #Puppies (meaning like 20 people, but hey, I appreciate the reads) out there probably realize that the blog has been rejuvenated lately. There’s been some very satirical content, that’s […]

NBA Word Association Game (50 Count)

Zach Randolph –> Headband –> “Gonorrhea” by Lil Wayne –> Marijuana –> JR Smith –> Golfing –> Sergio Garcia –> Choke –> Free Throws –> Kevin Durant –> Reggie Jackson […]

Playoff Observations: Part One

I’ve been done with school for about a week now and I’m in a transition period between academics and summer jobs. In other words: I’ve been doing nothing, except watching […]

The NBA is back, but for how long?

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard yesterday in a move that could shift the powers in the NBA back to the celebrity infested sidelines of LA. While the move […]

If the NBA were the “Rap Game”

I’m going to go ahead and say that you could simply substitute the NBA players for the rappers mentioned below in the following videos. Enjoy. Metta World Peace would be […]

The Bulls can still win the East

When Derrick Rose got hurt on Saturday, a collective gasp was let out across the world as basketball fans on all corners of the earth recognized what just happened. Rose, […]